About Us

Over 30 years combined experience in finance and automotive industry

Our team members come from various backgrounds. Whether it's banking experience, previous employment at franchise car dealers, or being passionate car enthusiasts,our knowledgeable staff works around the clock to find, lock-in & deliver the best deals for any given budget.

New, Certified or Pre-Owned

We are able to provide wholesale pricing on any vehicle, whether it's a lease through ANY franchise dealer, a pre-owned vehicle at a smaller dealership, or if you simply want to buy a car directly from the auction. We can also use are vast connections to locate and acquire, or order/reserve hard to find vehicles on our clients' behalf. We will even help shop your trade-in to multiple buyers to get you top dollar for your car..  

Free quotes and consultation

Over the years, we have amassed an extensive network of dealer contacts and industry insiders. So when people come to us with a quote, 99% of the time we beat the dealer prices, and in those rare times that we can't, at least you will have the peace of mind that you have an unbeatable deal), so DON'T BUY A CAR WITHOUT CALLING US... A simple quick phone call or visit can possibly save you thousands of dollars..